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Four Tips To Top At Facebook Advertising

Four Tips To Top At Facebook Advertising

Facebook ad campaigns are increasingly gaining popularity among business owners and advertisers. With millions of users using this social networking site almost every day, many businessmen can’t help but turn their attention to it. What’s more Facebook has many apps and features that allow advertisers to target the right niche for their products based on demographic data such as likes, status, gender, educational level, occupation, interests, and many more.

There are two ways you can pay for a Facebook ad. You can either pay per click, meaning you only pay when someone clicks your ad or pay per a thousand impression, wherein you only pay a certain amount after your ad has been viewed a thousand times. Since you’ll be paying Facebook based on the number of clicks and/or impressions, it is important that your ad will attract the attention of Facebook users and drive them to click on the ad being shown on their walls.

But with so many people trying to get an edge in the market, it’s possible that instead of driving more followers to click your ad, you’ll be driving them away to your rival’s ad. This, of course, is something that you don’t want to happen. It is important therefor that you consider some factors which can help beat competition using Facebook advertising.

1. Focus on your target market and their interests (which you will know through keywords). Just like any other online marketing models, Facebook ads are most effective when they are designed and targeted at the right group of people who will be interested with your products or services. Design ads that target the right groups of individuals based on their location. For instance, if your company offers services or products at designated areas, you need to make sure your ads will reach Facebook users living in that particular area, region, or city. You can also use the right keywords to target customers for particular business ads.

2. Compel your potential consumers to take action. You want to get your message across, that’s why you created a Facebook ad. You want your target market to know the benefits and features of your advertised products or services, but what is an advertisement without getting the proper response from your customers and prospects? So make sure your ads also convey a call-to-action to your target market by clicking it or by buying your product or service.

3. Make the content of your landing page relevant. Facebook ads, once clicked, will usually bring users to a landing page to give them more information and details about a product or service. So the content, features and design of your ad landing page will also define the outcome of your ad campaign. Make sure that your landing page will have the same information conveyed through your ad campaigns. In addition, design your landing page in an appealing and user-friendly way so that customers can have easy access to their desired information. If your landing page fails to hold the attention of your visitors and provide them relevant information in a simple and quick way, you might not be able to achieve your desired marketing objective from your Facebook ad campaigns.

4. Regular evaluation and modification of your Facebook ad. Like any other online ad campaigns,you have tostudy and evaluate how your Facebook ad is performing on a regular basis. Monitor the click-through rate (CTR) of your ad in order to identify its success rate. Regular monitoring of your ads is also crucial in helping you identify the factors that may contribute to having a higher CTR.

Based on your study, you can alter your ad campaign in order to make it perform better, and thus help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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The Early Bird Gets the Best Ideas

They say that our most creative time is first thing in the morning. We can also supposedly retain information best at this time. Obviously if we have rested sufficiently, then we have the maximum amount of energy we will have for the day when we wake up, (allowing time to stumble around a little and make coffee first).

get the best ideas!

While it is true one of the biggest selling points for a home based business is how we can control our time – work when we want to – stop when we want to, etc. If at all possible we should get things done early when we have the most energy and are thinking clearer. If we constantly put things off they will become as if they are low-priority in our minds, and we will possibly begin to sluff them off if we are tired, etc.

This goes together with the problem of being your own boss and not being accountable to anyone but yourself. Well you are accountable to your customers and anybody you are working with, but this seems pretty flexible in the home business world. It is too easy to tell yourself you will do it later, or tomorrow and then either never do it (forget it) or do a poor job because you are tired or preoccupied and/or now need to rush because you have waited until the last minute.

Make no mistake, having a business needs to be taken seriously if we want to succeed. It has to be a number one priority whether it is part-time or full-time. We will have flexibility as part of the beauty of working from home for ourselves. That is IF there is something special you need to do or somewhere you need to go, you can always juggle things around so you can get everything done that is necessary.

As with anything there is great diversity among people. There are some that are ‘night people’. Those that work better at night or really get going by dark. Of course for these folks they should do whatever works for them. Part of the beauty with a home business is things are not rigidly controlled by hours such as 9 to 5, where we have 8-hours to cut it or not. Naturally if you get behind it will begin to ‘catch up with you’ and your job performance will suffer.

When you are able to look at the clock as 24-hours you have so much more time to do everything. So you are really quite free when you work for yourself to do a few hours of work here and there. The point is to get it all done efficiently and timely most of the time. The other point is every waking hour shouldn’t be spent glued to your computer or enslaved by your business. There has to be balance in everything. Enough work, enough rest, enough play. It is only when we have this balance that we can really thrive and excel.


Members have created over 8,000 Ebooks using Worldprofit’s Ebook Creator!


By Sandi Hunter

WOW! Worldprofit Members have been busy!

A recent audit of our software revealed that over 8,000 ebooks have been created by Worldprofit Members using Worldprofit’s Ebook Creator.

Well done!

We see your ebooks everywhere!

Some of you have created your own custom content and produced and published original works as an Author.

Some of you have rebranded the ebooks available to you in your Member area.

Some of you have even used the demonstration provided by marketing expert, George Kosch to get your own original works published to Amazon.

Ebooks are hot!

It’s a huge growth industry.

Ebooks are terrific for building your online business through..

– branding

– lead generation

– list building

– sales incentives / give aways

– sales of information and how-to products

– bridge marketing

If you want to get on board with Ebook publishing – it’s easy – do it yourself – no need to pay a designer.

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